Professional Coaching - Neuroscience & Music Education

TQI Accredited Course 2017 (4 hours)

The Neuroscience and Music Education Coaching program supports you to take control of your own growth as a teacher. The program provides the starting points, the ongoing support and the specific expertise to be successful in research, big or small, as a teacher.

Why Coaching?

The field of neuroscience and music education is so exciting but so very new, and navigating your own path in such uncharted territory is tricky. For several years I have been coaching and mentoring people interested in neuroscience and music education from all around the world on an ad hoc basis. I am pleased to announce I have formalised the program now and can offer a limited number of places to those seeking advice, mentorship, coaching and direction in this emerging field. 

Is coaching for you?

If you have a deep interest in any of the following areas, coaching might be just the thing you need to get your new practice and learning off the ground to benefit your own development, your practice, your students, your teachers and your school/learning environment. 

Professional Coaching could be benefit you by

  1. Helping you upskill yourself in the field of neuroscience and music education
  2. Pointing you in the right direction of the area of research you are most interested in exploring
  3. Refining your idea and focus for postgraduate/further formal study
  4. Connecting you with researchers who you wish to follow more closely or directly engage with
  5. Composing an advocacy argument for your school leaders or parents
  6. Developing resources to improve your music education practice
  7. Designing a development program for your instrumental/peripatetic  teachers in neuroscience and music education
  8. Furthering your understanding of the neurological developments that are occurring in your own child's brain as they learning music


Question: Is coaching only available on a one-to-one basis?

Answer: Most of my coaching to this point has been on this basis but I am very happy to explore small group coaching, probably in groups no larger than three

Question: Have you ever coached someone whose language is other than English?

Answer: Yes I have but you would need to organise a good interpreter to assist with the sessions at your own expense.


Program Structure

Starter package - 1 free session + 4 coaching sessions 

First session free - First we organise a 15 minute introductory session (via Skype or face to face) to establish if this program is right for you and for me

  • Your decision - after the introductory session you have one month from the date of the introductory session to let me know via email if you would like to take up a position in the coaching program.
  • A confirmation email from me and payment of the Starter Package fee is required before the program can commence.
  • A date is set for your first session. This date marks the beginning of your 6 month mentoring period. If you do not use your four starter package session in this period the terms of the coaching program may be renegotiated
  • A place in the program is dependent on availability of places at the time of the confirmation email

Coaching program (4 sessions) - The program consists of four 60-90 minute sessions (via Skype or face to face) within a 6 month period from the Introductory session

  • Session 1 - Getting to know you and defining your goals
  • Session 2 - Exploring the research that will help you
  • Session 3 - Refining the direction and actions for your goals
  • Session 4 - Reviewing your goals and setting milestones for the future

Ongoing Coaching

After the Starter Package is completed may choose to continue coaching sessions with me for a fee. Contact Anita for the fee structure.


Professional Coaching can often lead to more questions than answers while also improving your knowledge in a given field or connecting you in a clear way with your core questions. Coaching sessions can be exciting, gently confronting, exhilerating, confusing and contemplative all at the same time. In entering into this coaching program you accept all of the cognitive and emotional challenges it inevitably brings. The coaching program does not aim to answer all of your questions, but to bring you closer in a deliberate and purposeful way to a deeper understanding of your practice, music education and neuroscience.


I am in the process of seeking accreditation for the coaching program through ACT TQI.