Radio and TV

Interview for WIN News with David Sharaz. Photograph by Michael Monck

Interview for WIN News with David Sharaz. Photograph by Michael Monck

ABC Breakfast Radio (Nov 2017)

Don't Stop The Music documentary with Guy Sebastian

ABC Breakfast TV (July 2017)

The Lullaby Effect and the science of singing to your baby

ABC Radio WA (July 2017) 

The lasting effect of the lullaby

ABC Radio (June 2017) Bananas In Pyjamas 25 Year anniversary

The never ending appeal of children's music with Award Winning Australian Educator, Dr. Anita Collins

2CC radio Interview - The Goulburn Concerto

Premiere of The Goulburn Concert by Sean O'Boyle, a work created and conducted by Anita and featuring the Canberra Symphony Orchestra Strings and Kirsten Williams (SSO Soloist)

WIN TV (Aug 26 2014)

A news story on the launch of the documentary Music Education and the Brain at Macquarie Primary School, Canberra

ABC666 radio Interview (Aug 1 2014)

An interview with Alex Sloan on ABC666 about the TED Education film - How playing a musical instrument benefits your brain.

ABC666 Drivetime interview (July 22 2014)

An interview with Adam Shirley on ABC666 Drive time about the Goulburn Strings Project

ABC West interview (July 22 2014)

An interview with Angela Owens on ABC West radio about the Goulburn Strings Project

ABC666 radio interview (May 2014)

An interview with Alex Sloan on ABC666 radio about the Goulburn Strings Project and Bigger Better Brains

ABC66 radio interview (Sept 2013)

An in depth interview as part of the ABC666 inspiring women series at Canberra's Floriade Festival of Flowers 2013

Print and Web

TEDxCanberra Adventures (2016)

Is my TEDx idea still my idea Worth sharing (you bet it is)

ABC News (April 2016)

Goulburn Primary School violin students in world premiere with Canberra Symphony Orchestra

Canberra Times and The Age Newspaper (April 2016)

Goulburn pupils join Canberra Symphony Orchestra on stage for world premiere

Tim Topman Interview on (Feb 2016)

What to say to parents when their child is about to quit with Anita Collins

Kodaly Music Education Institute of Australia (Feb 2016)

Hitting the Bullseye – Using music education research to greatest effect

First Steps Magazine (Australia) (Dec 2015)

Supercharge your Child’s Brain Development with Music

Conn-Selmer Touchpoint Feature Article (Jan 20 2016)

Your Brain and Music

Kinderling Conversation (Nov 2015)

How music helps your child's brain grow

The Age (June 15 2015) & The Sydney Morning Herald (June  14 2015)

Music education key to raising literacy and numeracy standards

Brain Pickings (February 2015)

How Playing Music Benefits Your Brain More than Any Other Activity

Conn-Selmer Touchpoint Feature Article (Nov 25 2014)

The Music-Brain Connection Goes Viral

NPR (Nov 20 2014)

Musicians' Brains Really Do Work Differently — In A Good Way

Huffington Post (Nov 23 2014)

Playing Music Gives Brains A 'Full Body Workout,' Says Science

The Conversation (Oct 21 2014)

It takes more than singing to strike a chord in music education

Huffington Post (Aug 5 2014)

How Playing An Instrument Might Actually Make You Smarter by Cate Matthews

TEDTalks on Twitter

Canberra Times feature article (Jan 2014)

Photography by Graham Tidy

Photography by Graham Tidy

Feature article in the Canberra Times Sunday edition