Open Your Ears program

Using music education to enhance auscultation skills and aural awareness in the clinical environment
— OYE Program
Photograph by Anita Collins

Photograph by Anita Collins

The premise of the Open Your Ears program was to use music education techniques to improve the listening and aural discernment abilities of the nursing students. Numerous short exercises were included in the two workshops and were based around the development of the following skills; the ability to both listen to sound environments and distinguish individual sounds (known as focus pulling), the ability to audiate or replay sounds in their minds and the ability to quickly ascertain the speed (tempo) of a beat.

The pilot program was completed with two cohorts of Master of Nursing students at Monash University in 2012 and further funding to expand the program to paramedics and physiotherapists is currently being sort. 

Poster for the ANZAME Conference 2010 presented by Rebecca Vanderheide

Poster for the ANZAME Conference 2010 presented by Rebecca Vanderheide

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