Does Guitar Hero Have a Microphone?


It is no secret that Guitar Hero has improved the gaming industry.

It has incorporated musical rhythm to take its games to a new level.

Music lovers get to play these games since they play with game controllers that resemble actual guitars.

Then there is the simulation of rhythm guitar, bass guitar and lead across several songs.

However, other things remain a mystery regarding this video game series.

For instance, does Guitar Hero have a microphone?

Initially, Guitar Hero didn’t have a microphone, but that’s no longer true.

Activision promised its fans to add a microphone, bass guitar and drums, and it has lived up to that.

So, getting a Guitar Hero Microphone is possible if you so wish.

What about a more detailed discussion on Guitar Hero and microphones?

Read on to find out!

What Are Some Examples of Guitar Hero Microphones Available?

Let’s look at some of the Guitar Hero microphones in the market below;

  • Genuine OEM Guitar Hero USB Microphone compatible with Wii, PS3 and Xbox 360
  • A package containing a Guitar Hero Xbox 360 RedOctane X-Plorer Guitar, Microphone and Protective Case
  • Official Guitar Hero World Tour USB Microphone for PS3, Wii, Xbox 360
  • Guitar Hero Rock Band USB Microphone E-UR20 for Xbox 360/PS3/Wii with 4-port Hub
  • Guitar Hero Rock Band Drum Foot Pedal Bass Kick Xbox 360 & Microphone
  • Guitar Hero Red Octane Kick Pedal, Microphone & Wireless Drum Receiver
  • Guitar Hero LIVE Microphone- Works with Xbox One 360 PS3 PS4 New in Sealed Box
  • Guitar Hero USB Microphone for PS2 PS3 XBOX 360 Wii(E-UR20)
  • Guitar Hero OEM Microphones And 3 Rock Band Drum Sticks for PS3, Xbox, Xbox 360
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It is worth noting that some of the Guitar Hero microphones come as a package containing other components such as guitars and drums.

How Do I Connect My Microphone to Guitar Hero Live?

First, don’t expect it to be a walk in the park since making the peripherals work after a connection is usually challenging.

Remember that the microphone can’t work unless you use the controller and the mic together.

Ensure you don’t turn on the controller before plugging in the microphone.

Only microphones with USB cables are compatible and should firmly fit in the controller’s USB ports.

You won’t find any wireless mic that works with Guitar Hero.

Let’s say that you are using PS3.

Start by turning it on before holding down the PS button on the PlayStation controller.

That’s enough to boot up your gaming system, logging you in and starting that game.

The above actions tie your microphone to the controller.

After that connection, you should set its settings depending on your needs and preferences.

Besides microphones, you should also plug in any other peripherals, including the drum and the guitar, if you need them.

Ensure that you plug them in at these games’ main screens.

Only press start if you have connected all the necessary instruments.

Use your controller to select the game’s difficulty and mode.

The controller also comes in handy when selecting the vocal-specific difficulty or soon.

While peripherals such as drums and guitars have individual inputs, the PS controller is connected to the vocals.

Must You Use a Guitar Hero Microphone When Playing These Games?

There are various Guitar Hero microphones available, but you are not restricted to using them when playing the game.

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On the contrary, you can use another microphone if it has a USB cable and fits perfectly on one of the Guitar Hero’s ports.

As long as the microphone is compatible, Guitar Hero Live detects its connection automatically.’

An excellent example is the Logitech microphone, known for its compatibility with the game.

How to Set Up Guitar Hero Live for Singing with a Logitech-compatible Microphone

If you want to set up such a microphone for singing, the following steps will do the trick;

  • Begin a GHTV or GH Live Quickplay session
  • Navigate to your player options by pressing the Start button
  • Locate the USB ports on your Guitar Hero’s console
  • Plug your Logitech-compatible USB microphone into that port
  • Go to the Toggle Vocal and ensure it is set On

It is no secret that Guitar Hero Live facilitates performances to huge audiences thanks to its features.

So, any vocalist can use it when performing for large crowds.

Its advanced gameplay elements make it a great choice.

Nevertheless, if you don’t sing on key, the Guitar Hero vocalists won’t make much difference under such circumstances.

It is also ideal for singers who use harmonics and people singing with gusto.

That’s why you should use them to your advantage and take your singing to the next level.

Does Guitar Hero have Vocals?

Guitar Hero has vocals; an excellent example is the Guitar Hero World Tour.

Besides vocals, Guitar Hero has other features, including drums.

One can often buy a package comprising a typical guitar controller, microphone and drum set controller.

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Does Guitar Hero Have Drums and a Microphone?

The answer to this question depends on the Guitar Hero game at hand.

If the game you use was released before the World Tour, there is a high chance that a feature like the drums won’t be one of your options.

The worst part is that your fate is sealed since you can’t do anything to add the drums.

On the other hand, any Guitar Hero game referred to as full band offers such features; the typical options are the guitar, microphone and drums.

Which Guitar Hero Has a Microphone

As established above, not all Guitar Hero game owners enjoy features such as the microphone.

That’s understandable since these features didn’t exist initially but were added later.

So, if you need one with a mic, avoid a game released before the Guitar Hero World Tour.

Your options include Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock, Guitar Hero: 5, and Band Hero.

Besides the microphone, these games have other instruments, such as vocals, introduced in the game series during the Guitar Hero World Tour debut.

For the record, such Guitar Hero games allow you to play vocals through a mic and drums using a drum controller.

Thanks to their guitar controllers, you can also play bass or lead guitar.


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