Can Any Electric Guitar Play Metal?


Any electric guitar can be used to play metal music, but it will significantly help to have a guitar made explicitly for this genre.

You can play a distinctive kind of music flawlessly by selecting an appropriate electric guitar for performing.

It is important to remember that not all electric guitars are appropriate for metal music because everyone has distinct musical preferences and a range of financial means.

Due to particular tonal traits and design elements, some models and features may be more frequently associated with the genre.

We will discuss some distinctive qualities that set these electric guitars apart.

What Characterizes a Good Guitar for Metal?

Most guitars usually work the same way.

The difference occurs depending on the one playing the guitar.

However, some guitars are more suitable for a specific music genre and style than others.

If you want a guitar for metal music, choose one made of heavy metal.

The following are only a few significant factors that combine to produce guitars that are made for metal:


Most guitars are suitable for metal music, but most may not fit your budget.

Start by setting a budget as you shop for an excellent electric guitar.


The two best tonewoods to employ in the construction of metal guitars are mahogany and basswood.

Mahogany is a beautiful tonewood frequently used in higher-end guitars and is adored for its deep, rich resonance.

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Basswood, on the other hand, is a second-great alternative because of its affordability and ability to give artists still powerful tones and a well-balanced resonation.


Thin, flat necks make it much simpler to play technically.

Scale Size

Scale length is critical in determining the capacity to play it, especially if your hands are small.


Examine the guitar’s pickups based on the tone you want.

A heavier tone is produced by humbucker pickups’ warm, thicker output. Strong metal tones can be found in abundance with passive pickups. Musicians have more control and higher gain possibilities with active pickups.


The possibilities are virtually unlimited when it comes to electronics. More knobs plus more pickups equals more sound control.

The following electronic features are also available: coil tapping, phase switching, EQ, and kill switches.

Tuning Hardware And Bridge

You will encounter tremolo vs fixed bridges.

Extra Strings

You might look for metal guitars with seven or even eight strings to give yourself a little more of a challenge.

You may also look into a baritone guitar, allowing you to use a six-string instrument and a lower tuning.

Remember that a guitar’s scale length and neck winder will increase as strings increase.

Physical Attributes

Particular forms are most frequently associated with metal guitars, even if the physical appearance of your instrument won’t alter its playing or sound.

Experts usually suggest that playing the guitar that you find attractive is better since you won’t feel as confident doing it on a less appealing one.

If you want a guitar with a “classic” metal appearance, you should search for one with sharp edges and a more aggressive aspect.

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What Should The Design Of My Metal Guitar Be Like?

It’s not enough to only consider what color stain you want your guitar’s body to be completed with when considering the physical aesthetic you want it to have.

Spend some time considering all of the elements that would combine to create the perfect guitar for you.

One aspect that distinguishes the metal subgenre is the highly distinct aesthetic that goes along with the music.

This distinction normally is that the heavy rock and metal guitars tend to be more angular and have sharper edges.

Find guitars with an edgier profile if you want to walk the walk and own one that resembles a metal guitar.

Don’t forget to consider the color you want to use to finish your instrument!

What Style Of Guitar Works The Best For Metal?

How well a guitar will play metal is mainly influenced by four key aspects that work in concert. These five components are:

  • Pickups
  • Neck profile
  • Hardware and bridge
  • Tonewood
  • Tuners

How Can I Play My Guitar With A Powerful Heavy Metal Sound?

Heavy metal guitars can be played while achieving the highest gain using a Mesa/Boogie dual rectifier with various amps.

Amplification devices like the Fender Mustang III can also produce a strong metal tone.

Use a cleaner-sounding amplifier, like the Vox AC30, if you desire it. You may also use a pedal like the Ibanez TS9 Tubescreamer to get a heavy metal tone.

How Does a Guitar Make a Metal Sound?

A metal tone can be achieved on the guitar in several ways.

A distortion pedal is one approach.

Using a high-gain amplifier setting is another option.

Both approaches can be used simultaneously.

Although metal music performers frequently use double-coil humbucker pickups, metal sounds generally sound better with at least one.

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You’ll need an electric guitar and an amplifier to start playing metal music.

If every element required to create a fantastic metal sound is present, the next step is to alter the settings to bring it about.

Boss Heavy Metal (HM-2) Pedals and Ibanez Tube Screamers are among the most well-known stompboxes.

One of the most crucial parts of the guitar is the bridge, which significantly affects tone.

In the metal business, tunings can be altered in two primary methods.

Young metalheads prefer this tuning, known as “scoop the mids,” which was greatly influenced by Metallica on a few early albums.

Your bottom E string, the thick string at the top, must be tuned from E to D.

If you don’t have expensive equipment, a Heavy Metal effects pedal is an excellent and simple way to make your guitar sound more like a metal band.

Adding pedals to your setup is not simple because professional players frequently use pedals.

Your metal won’t sound flawless even if you employ the best approach.

You must set your amplifier’s bass and treble knobs to achieve a strong metal tone.

Allow the mids to totally cut out and then gradually bring them back to their original position until you get a good punch while keeping the scoop effect intact.

You can enhance sustain without incorporating feedback if your guitar has active pickups.


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