Can You Use a Karaoke Machine as an Amp?


It is no secret that an amp plays a huge role in enhancing your listening experience.

However, you may not always have one, and under such circumstances, it is logical to look for alternatives.

So, if you have a karaoke machine, can it be an ideal substitute for the missing amp?

Whereas a karaoke machine is considered specialized equipment for a particular task, it is relatively versatile, and you can use it as an amp.

If that’s the case, you can save the money you would have spent on an amp and utilize your karaoke to the fullest.

However, you can only do so by understanding its functioning well, and here’s a detailed discussion on karaoke machine as an amp.

Can I Use My Karaoke Machine as an Amp?

Yes, you can use your karaoke machine as an amp.

After all, the jack meant for its microphone is ¼ inches, and that’s no different from the guitar cable’s jack.

That’s why a karaoke machine is a suitable substitute for your electric guitar amp, thanks to this compatibility.

Nevertheless, it would be unfair to expect a karaoke machine’s listening experience to be at par with an amp’s.

Remember that amps have various equalizers and settings to adjust the sound effects accordingly.

Unfortunately, that’s not something you can do when using a karaoke machine.

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Its sound has a clean tone, and it is hard to get the distortion effects excellently regardless of how you adjust the volume and tone knobs.

However, some karaoke machines are advanced with equalizer settings you can adjust.

The speaker size also determines the quality of the sound you receive.

So, despite the sound quality differing, the bottom line is that you can use your karaoke machine as an amp, especially if you don’t have an amplifier.

How Do You Use a Karaoke Machine as an Amp?

Now that it is clear one can use a karaoke machine as an amp, it is only fair enough that you know how to go about it.

The methods are turning off the karaoke machine’s internal speakers or purpose an amplifier suitable for connecting with it.

Here are the detailed steps to follow in each case;

Turning Off Your Karaoke Machine’s Internal Speakers;

Follow these steps;

  • If your karaoke machine is plugged in, disconnect all its cables except its power cord.
  • Turn off its external speakers, too and to do it, press its Master Volume button and release it once the lights dim.
  • Turn its volume nob off if you have connected it to an external speaker.
  • Plug headphones into your karaoke machine’s headphone jack to disconnect the internal speakers and prevent them from turning on.

Under these circumstances, you enjoy various sound effects as it plays via the headphone jack.

Using an Amplifier Designed Specifically for Sensitive Microphones

In this case, the following steps apply;

  • Buy an amplifier for miniature microphones, often called piezo pickups
  • The amp box has a place to plug in the guitar’s output port on one side and another place for plugging in the guitar’s cable on the other end
  • Use another guitar cable to connect the amp and the karaoke machine before turning the two devices on
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What is Karaoke Amplifier?

Like any other amp, a karaoke amplifier will increase the audio output of the performer’s vocalizations and the musical tracks.

Whereas one can use a traditional amplifier, it is advisable to consider a karaoke amp instead.

After all, its design makes it easily portable, and it has several functions and additional operating features.

It is worth noting that you won’t need a mixer since it is an excellent mixing amplifier.

An equalizer may also be unnecessary if you get a great karaoke amplifier.

This equipment lets you easily control the sound balance, volume, and treble.

Can You Use Any Speaker as an Amp?

Unfortunately, not every speaker can work as a guitar amp.

The speaker you choose as your amplifier must reproduce low frequencies, handle high volumes, and shouldn’t distort while at it.

The type of guitar you own also determines the speakers you can or can’t use as your amp.

For instance, you can use PA speakers with your acoustic guitar but don’t try that if yours is electric.

Do You Need an Amplifier for Karaoke?

Yes, an amplifier is necessary if you want the karaoke setup to be professional.

Other necessary equipment includes microphones, a screen to display the lyrics, and a karaoke machine.

If you don’t have a karaoke machine, consider using a mixer; the setup will also be great.

Can You Connect a Karaoke Machine to a TV?

You can connect your karaoke machine to various devices; a TV is no exception.

It is usually a smart TV; other devices include a tablet, phone, PC, and laptop.

There are two ways to connect the TV and the karaoke machine; your choice depends on their models.

The two methods are wired and wireless, and here is a discussion on how to carry out each.

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Wireless Connection between a Karaoke Machine and a TV

Follow these steps to connect a karaoke machine to TV wireless;

  • Ensure that your karaoke machine is discoverable by Bluetooth by turning this feature on
  • Navigate to your TV settings, go to its Bluetooth option, and search for available devices
  • If your karaoke machine is discoverable, it will appear on the list of the available devices
  • Depending on the TV model, press “connect to this device” or pair to connect it with the karaoke machine

Ensure that neither the TV nor the karaoke machine is connected to another device via Bluetooth.

Otherwise, the karaoke machine won’t be among the available Bluetooth devices, and the TV won’t connect.

At least, that will be the case until you end the previous Bluetooth connection.

Wired Connection between a Karaoke Machine and a TV

In most cases, you will need an RCA connection cable for a wired connection between a karaoke machine and a TV.

This cable usually has three separate cables in different colors; red, white, and yellow.

As for the wired option, here’s how to connect a karaoke machine to a TV;

Start by connecting the karaoke machine with the TV using the RCA connection cable and match all the three colors

Since it is an AV connection and a TV has several of them, it is vital to remember its number for easy access from the TV

From the TV’s input menu, select the appropriate AV number


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