Does Guitar Center Price Match?


Guitar Center has been known for selling musical instruments, recording equipment, amplifiers, and more.

There has been an increase in physical and online stores offering similar musical items at lower prices.

So, does Guitar Center do price matching?

Well, yes, they do.

One can match the lower pricing offered during an in-person or online purchase by other shops.

The item must be identical and available at the rivals for Guitar Center to match the price.

In addition, requests for price matches must meet certain criteria.

Before offering discounts, the store associate can verify the competitor’s pricing and items.

What Are The Criteria Used By Guitar Center During Price Matching?

Key requirements must be fulfilled for price matching at Guitar Center. They include:

The website of the competitor must have the item in stock.

The product’s size, color, and other specifications must be identical.

Price matching will not be eligible for coupons or discounts applied on purchases.

Coupons, special offers, and limited-time discounts do not qualify for price matching.

What is the Guitar Center Price Match Process?

You can ask them to match the competitor’s pricing when ordering online or at the nearby Guitar Center location.

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However, there are a few considerations to bear in mind.


Complete checkout prices for online transactions should be considered when comparing prices.

Call them at 866-498-7882 to start the online process, or visit their contact page to launch a live chat.

You must give them all the pertinent information about the price matches.

They will fulfill and reduce the product’s price after verifying your documents.


You must first request an in-store price match.

Bring an electronic proof or a printed copy of the competitor’s advertisement to the Guitar Center location which is closest to you.

If the item qualifies considering all the factors, the product’s price will be decreased.

What Are The Exceptions For Guitar Center Price Matching Process?

Guitar Center price matches usually have a few exceptions to consider to ensure a successful transaction.

Some of the exceptions to consider include:

For price matching, there must be an authorized advertisement of the associated product.

The advertisement must be from a United States-based merchant or competitor to Guitar Center.

Items with limited stock availability or are on clearance do not qualify for price matching.

Customers are limited to price-matching one item.

You cannot price match with third-party sellers.

Pricing mistakes are not covered by price matching.

Printouts and photocopies are not acceptable forms of proof for price match verification.

Products from other retailers which have been discounted or are out of stock do not qualify for price matching.

Does Guitar Center have a Price Adjustment Policy?

Yes, they do.

Guitar Center offers price adjustments after purchase.

Upon request, you can receive a portion of the price difference if Guitar Center lowers its pricing within 45 days of purchasing.

If the claim of the price adjustment is successful, you will receive a refund of the difference amount to the initial mode of payment.

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What Are The Conditions For Price Adjustment Policy?

There are several key requirements to be fulfilled for a price adjustment claim to be successful:

When visiting a Guitar Center location, bring in the documentation of lower pricing.

Carry the original payment receipt with you.

You can look at the Guitar Center return policy if you do not meet their criteria and still want to get that low price.

It outlines all you need to know to return the item, have a refund or even order again at a lower price.

Guidelines for Making a Price Match Request at Guitar Center

This guide should come in handy;

Investigate The Price Of A Competitor

Before asking Guitar Center to match a lower price, make sure you’ve checked the lower price with a dependable rival.

Ensure the competition satisfies the essential requirements before Guitar Center often matches pricing from significant local and online competitors.

Understand The Regulations Of Guitar Center

To ensure you follow Guitar Center’s rules and specifications, familiarize yourself with their price match policy.

Check The Product’s Suitability

Verify whether price matching is available for the item you want to buy.

Price matching restrictions or exclusions may apply to specific products.

Contact Customer Support

Contact Guitar Center’s customer service department by phone, email, or live chat to start the price match request.

Be prepared to offer the product’s specifications, the name of the rival company, the lower price, and any pertinent links or supporting documentation.

Be Respectful And Courteous

When interacting with the customer support representative, be kind and professional.

A favorable response can be elicited by being kind and caring.

Best Negotiation Techniques to Increase Savings at Guitar Center

Consider the following for a great deal;

Bundle Deals

Ask about package deals or bundle reductions if you’re buying many things.

Guitar Center could be ready to provide additional discounts when purchasing many items at once.

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Use Memberships Or Loyalty Programs

You may be qualified for special discounts or price-matching benefits if you are a member of Guitar Center’s loyalty club or have any other type of membership.

Inquire About Price Changes

Ask if they can change your pricing if you purchased from Guitar Center and then discover the same item for less money during their price match window.

Ask About Open-Box Or Floor Replicas Of Items

Stores occasionally offer reduced floor models or open-box products.

Check to see if Guitar Center carries any such necessities.

What Are The Common Mistakes Made When Price Matching At Guitar Center?

Avoid these common mistakes as well;

Ignoring Eligibility Requirements

Verify that the item satisfies Guitar Center’s eligibility conditions for price matching before accepting the competitor’s offer.

Your request might not be approved if the item or deal is excluded.

Ignoring Shipping And Handling Costs

Consider additional expenses like shipping, taxes, or handling fees when comparing pricing.

These may have an impact on the price match’s total worth.

Being Confrontational Or Aggressive

When requesting a price match, try to be polite and reasonable.

A better result might result from showing patience and understanding.

Disregarding Time Restrictions

Requests for price matching at Guitar Center frequently have deadlines that must be met.

Start the request as soon as permitted if you want to qualify for the price match.

Assuming That All Stores Qualify As Competitors

Guitar Center won’t regard every retailer as a rival.

Check to see if the rival you located is on their list of authorized vendors.

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