Does iRig Work With Acoustic Guitar?


The iRig is a versatile device that has become increasingly popular among musicians looking to record or amplify their guitar sounds.

The iRig is an innovative guitar interface device that lets musicians connect their instruments to various devices like smartphones, tablets and computers for recording or amplification.

Though originally designed for electric guitars, many musicians have wondered if iRig can also be used with acoustic guitars.

One popular product in this line is the iRig Acoustic, designed to capture the natural sound of acoustic guitars without utlizing external microphones or pickups.

iRig Acoustic, in conjunction with AmpliTube Acoustic, is engineered to precisely replicate this perfect microphone placement and capture the entire frequency range, tonal character, and intricate harmonics and overtones of acoustic guitars with accuracy.

The iRig Acoustic uses a distinctive microphone enclosure incorporating the latest MEMS microphone technology with an omnidirectional polar pattern.

The microphone is placed inside the sound hole of a guitar to capture the most detailed and focused sound possible.

Additionally, a “calibration” process is utilized to optimize the guitar sound, imitating the results of using a high-quality studio microphone in an external setting.

These technologies work together to capture every sonic interaction and vibration of an acoustic guitar, resulting in a comprehensive representation of its tonal characteristics.

Unlike piezo-electric pickups or magnetics, which merely record the vibrations of the strings or body top, iRig Acoustic offers a complete and pure representation of the sound of an acoustic guitar.

iRig Acoustic With Amplitube Acoustic App

iRig Acoustic comes with AmpliTube Acoustic App and this app has been designed for acoustic guitars and ukuleles and can process and record these instruments.

With iRig Acoustic, the AmpliTube Acoustic app allows for setup and calibration, which optimizes the frequency response of your acoustic instrument.

The result is a high-end studio-quality sound with exceptional clarity, tonal characteristics, and projection.

iRig Acoustic and AmpliTube Acoustic combine to create a highly efficient and cost-effective system that provides the ultimate acoustic realness and character.

AmpliTube Acoustic is a top-of-the-line acoustic tone studio with emulations of popular acoustic amplifiers, including two solid-state amps and one tube amp, each with built-in effects sections.

The app also offers stompbox effects such as a live performance feedback eliminator, acoustic compressor, graphic EQ and Parametric EQ, 12-string emulator, bass maker octave pedal, and a body modeller that converts the sound of your guitar into another style of guitar.

With AmpliTube Acoustic, you can access a complete mobile acoustic tone studio.

Is An Amplifier Required For iRig To Function Properly?

Yes, an amplifier is required for the iRig to function optimally.

However, the iRig HD 2 has a preamp and level control and a 1/8″ headphone jack, eliminating the need for an additional amplifier while recording or playing.

This makes the iRig HD 2 an ideal portable option for guitarists who don’t want to carry extra equipment.

Why Is My iRig Not Working?

If you’re having trouble with iRig, try disconnecting the lightning cable from both your device and the iRig 2, then reinstall it. This usually helps resolve various connectivity issues.

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It is worth noting that many phones require an iRig to play music, and if you use external speakers, ensure they have a headphone port.

Make sure Amplitube is turned on, and the volume is set to maximum. Clean your smartphone’s headset port using an air compressor or specialized cleaner if necessary.

If the problem persists, try running iRig on a different device to determine if its port has an issue.

Is iRig Compatible With Bluetooth?

Yes, iRig BlueBoard works with Bluetooth technology and allows you to control your apps up to 10 meters away from your device.

It is a low-profile device measuring only 9.1 inches in width and runs on 4 AAA batteries.

This feature makes it a convenient and portable option for musicians who want to control their apps without being tethered to their devices.

How Do Analogue And Digital iRig Differ From Each Other?

Analog iRig typically employs a 3.5mm – TRRS connection to directly connect to the headphone port of your mobile device.

On the other hand, digital iRig utilizes a direct connection to your mobile USB-C or Micro-USB port.

What Are The Steps In Setting Up An iRig Acoustic Stage?

To set up the iRig Acoustic Stage, attach the microphone to your guitar’s sound hole.

Next, attach it to the preamplifier processor on the iRig Acoustic Stage before connecting it to your amplifier or mixer.

One of the key features of the iRig Acoustic Stage is its “Cancel Feedback” button, which eliminates any unwanted frequency feedback during live performances.

This is especially beneficial for musicians who rely on natural resonance from their acoustic guitar during performances.

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The iRig Acoustic Stage preamp also offers various controls for fine-tuning your sound, such as equalization (EQ), volume and phase correction.

Can iRig Be Used As An Amplifier?

The iRig 2 device is capable of working as an amplifier due to its 1/4″ output jack. This enables you to connect iRig 2 device directly to an amplifier without additional adaptors.

Furthermore, when combined with AmpliTube, IK powerful guitar and bass multi-effects processor – you have endless opportunities for sound enhancement.

Using the iRig 2 as an amplifier, you can conveniently incorporate it into your live setup for convenient and efficient amplifying of guitar or bass playing.

Its headphone jack allows silent practice with the same great sound quality as traditional amplifiers.

The iRig 2 provides a versatile, compact solution for amplifying guitar or bass instruments.

What Is A Better Alternative To iRig?

The Apogee Jam+ USB Instrument Interface is widely regarded as the premier choice for professional musicians.

This device features USB instrument input and headphone output, providing seamless integration with instruments like acoustic or electric guitars.

The Apogee Jam+ offers superior sound quality and low latency performance, making it ideal for recording or live performances.

Another impressive feature of the Apogee Jam+ is its compatibility with various software and applications, such as Apple’s GarageBand and Logic Pro X.

This powerful yet versatile instrument interface provides musicians with a reliable, high-quality solution.

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