How Loud Is Electric Guitar With Headphones?


Electric guitars can produce a wide range of sound, from soft and gentle tones to loud and aggressive ones.

However, when it comes to playing an electric guitar through headphones, there is often confusion regarding the loudness level that can be achieved.

While the loudness of an electric guitar through headphones can depend on several factors, such as the type of headphones used, the quality of the amplifier or load box, and the volume settings on both the guitar and amplifier, it is generally possible to achieve high volumes without disturbing others.

Headphones can provide a more immersive experience by allowing the player to focus solely on their playing without outside distractions and allowing them to experiment with different effects and settings without disturbing others.

However, it is important to be mindful of the potential for hearing damage, as high volumes can damage the ears.

Pros of Playing Guitars With Headphones

Enhances Playing Technique and Timing

When an individual practices guitar with headphones on, they are forced to play cleanly and accurately.

Any mistakes made in the playing technique are amplified and noticeable with the headphones on.

This, in turn, makes the player more conscious of their mistakes, and they work towards rectifying them.

Improves Focus and Concentration

With headphones on, the player can focus solely on the music without getting distracted by external noises.

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This heightened concentration level ensures the player practices harder and enjoys the process. Practicing with headphones also eliminates the fear of judgment or disturbance from people around.

No Disturbance To Others

Practicing guitar with headphones is a great way to practice without disturbing others. This is especially useful for people living in shared spaces or with young children.

Playing with headphones allows one to practice at any time, even during odd hours when others are asleep.


Headphones provide the convenience of practising guitar anywhere, as guitarist can use portable headphone amplifiers to plug their guitar directly into the headphones.

However, it should be noted that headphone amplifiers do not offer as much adjustability as traditional amps do, so guitarist must select the right amplifier for their playing style.

Cons of Playing Guitars With Headphones

Risk of Ear Damage with Excessive Use

When practising an electric guitar with headphones for extended periods, there is a risk of long-term damage to the ears.

It is important to ensure that the volume is at a safe level and that it is not used for extended periods every day.

Inferior Sound Quality Compared to Amp Speakers

The sound quality of headphones is usually not so good as compared to traditional amp speakers. This is especially noticeable when using guitar effects like distortion.

However, this varies from player to player as some do not experience an issue with sound quality, while more experienced users may notice it.

Complicated Wiring

Playing guitar with headphones involves dealing with wires around the body. The amount of wiring required depends on the setup used.

Wireless headphone options are available but may come with latency issues. It is crucial to purchase the correct equipment for a wireless guitar setup, which may be expensive.

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Frustration Due to Sensitivity

Playing guitar with headphones can be highly frustrating and even demotivating at times because imperfections in playing are amplified.

However, it can also be treated as an opportunity to improve playing.

Can the Electric Guitar Be Heard Loudly When Played With Headphones?

Though the sound will be softer, it is still audible through headphones.

This is because headphones pick up on the electrical signal from the guitar and amplify it, enabling players to hear notes and chords being played.

However, keeping the volume low is essential, as high volume will damage the ears’ hearing capacity.

Can You Play Electric Guitar Exclusively with Headphones?

Playing electric guitar with headphones alone is impossible, but various alternatives let guitarists experience this sensation.

These could include using an amplifier, computer, headphone amp, multi-effects pedals or MIDI guitar processor connected to headphones for playback.

However, using either requires additional equipment, like an audio interface.

On the other hand, headphone amps are designed to plug directly into a guitar and send its sound directly into headphones – allowing guitarists to practice without disturbing others.

What Is The Volume Level Of An Electric Guitar?

The volume level of an electric guitar can vary greatly depending on factors like the type, pickups used, amp, and playing style.

An electric guitar typically produces a soft sound similar to the normal conversation or even lower when played unplugged.

It is estimated that an electric guitar has a decibel level between 50-60, which is relatively low compared to other musical instruments.

However, the volume level can increase significantly when an electric guitar is connected to an amplifier and played with distortion.

At these volumes, sound levels may reach as high as 120 decibels – equivalent to a chainsaw or thunderclap sound.

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Prolonged exposure at such volumes may cause hearing damage, so you must wear appropriate ear protection when playing at high volumes.

Is The Electric Guitar Audible To Neighbors?

The sound of an electric guitar played through an amplifier can move through walls, floors, and ceilings.

Amplified audio waves may penetrate different materials like concrete, wood, or brick, allowing neighbours to be easily affected by the noise.

Even if you are playing your electric guitar at home or in a public place, its loudness may disturb those nearby.

This is especially true if the instrument is set at high volumes or with distortion, as this drastically amplifies the sound level.

To minimize the likelihood of disturbing your neighbours, you can try several strategies, such as playing at lower volumes, using headphones, or practising during daytime hours when noise ordinances may not be as strict.

You might also soundproof your room or use noise-reducing materials to reduce sound escaping inside your space.

By taking these steps, you can easily enjoy playing your electric guitar without creating unnecessary noise pollution in your community.

Why Guitarists Often Wear Headphones?

Guitarists often wear headphones to monitor and evaluate their performance without external noise interference.

They can clearly hear their playing using headphones, making it easier to identify areas for improvement and adjust their technique accordingly.

Additionally, headphones can help guitarists play along with a backing track or other musicians without disturbing others in the room.

Overall, headphones are useful for guitarists who want to improve their playing and create high-quality recordings.

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