Are Gaming Speakers Good for Music?


As an avid gamer, there are high chances you have gaming speakers. That doesn’t come as a surprise because there are various reasons why most PC gamers prefer using speakers.

They give you the immersive listening experience to enjoy most games fully. Isn’t that what every gamer is looking for?

Whereas the importance of speakers in any gaming setup is indisputable, some things about them remain a mystery. An excellent example is the limitation of their uses.

Are gaming speakers good for music? Read on to find out and learn much more about gaming speakers.

The Best Gaming Speaker Setup

There are various speaker setups people use for gaming. Some are better than others, and here is a discussion of the options.

2.0 Speaker Setup

Most desktop PCs have this setup. It offers a great stereo sound emanating from the small speakers on their monitors’ right and left sides.

Unfortunately, this setup lacks a dedicated subwoofer. Consequently, getting an excellent bass sound from these speakers is hard.

It is also not a great gaming choice since it only has two small speakers. Therefore, upon putting high volumes, sound distortion may arise.

That’s why other ideal ways of using the 2.0 speaker setup exist. It is most suitable for listening to dialogues.

Besides, you can use it for music and Youtube videos. After all, most games have soundtracks that this setup won’t do the justice they deserve.

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Nevertheless, it is a good option when operating with a tight budget.

2.1 Speaker Setup

Unlike its 2.0 counterpart, this gaming setup has a subwoofer. That means a high-frequency range of up to 200 Hz.

A subwoofer is a great addition to any gaming setup. After all, it ensures that the gaming experience is excellent, including experiencing common effects such as explosions and gunshots intensively.

5.1 Speaker Setup

It is a common setup in home theatres comprising several types of speakers. They include a pair of surround speakers, another pair of stereo speakers at the front, and a center speaker.

It is no secret that that’s the perfect setting for watching movies. Interestingly, it is also a setup that can enhance your gaming experience.

So, Are Gaming Speakers Good for Music?

The answer could be a yes or a no, depending on the gaming speakers. If you go for high-quality ones, rest assured that you will experience high-quality sound regardless of gaming or listening to music.

An excellent example that has proven that great gaming speakers are good for music s Razer Leviathan. It works excellently on both music and games, not forgetting that it supports a 2.1 speaker setup.

Whereas the listening experience is great, you can improve it with a 5.1 setup. Remember that the effect is impossible if using a 3.5 mm jack.

After all, it doesn’t support surround sound. However, don’t shy away from considering the 2.0 speakers.

Some are perfect for both gaming and music. However, be careful when selecting such a system since that characteristic isn’t common among such gaming speakers.

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Things to Consider When Buying Gaming Speakers

The gaming experience you get depends on the speakers you take home. Your choice also determines its suitability when enjoying music.

That’s why you need to choose one wisely. Considering the following things will make a huge difference.

Do You Need a Subwoofer?

That’s a tough choice to make, given its advantage and disadvantage. Since it produces the bass sound, expect two sides of it.

Games have explosions and gunfire; only a subwoofer can catch these sounds excellently. The same case applies to dramatic music hence the need to consider it.

However, remember that having one also means sacrificing additional space. Equally important, your neighbors can feel the bass sound, hence unsuitable for dormitories and shared apartments.

Whereas a subwoofer is great, you should weigh the good and the bad. Consequently, choose what’s excellent under the conditions you are working with.


This factor doesn’t only apply when buying gaming speakers. Always ensure that your chosen brand is reputable to avoid buying low-quality speakers.

That’s because some brands sell better speakers than others, and acknowledging that ensures that you get value for your money. Nevertheless, remember that some brands are often overrated, whereas others are underrated.

So, don’t trust renowned brands blindly since some take advantage of their popularity. They overprice their products which means paying more for no apparent reason.

Equally important, don’t overlook the less-known brands. Some will surprise you since their gaming speakers are high quality and maybe better than their popular counterparts.

Regarding speakers, including the gaming ones, consider the likes of Logitech, Creative, and Audioengine. The long list and the right due diligence will help you settle for a great brand.

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Extra Features

Besides the basics, you should also look out for the following additional features

  • The variety of audio controls and their ease of use
  • Several sound effects, including treble, bass, and fade
  • A remote control
  • Speakers’ mounts
  • The ideal places to put the speakers and how convenient it is for your setup

Important Tips When Buying Gaming Speakers

Equally important, remember the following when purchasing your gaming speakers.

  • In most cases, gaming speakers come with USB sound cards responsible for giving a listening to great surround sound
  • Whereas some of the external soundcards are connected via USB, others use Firewire
  • Often, inbuilt sound cards aren’t as great as their external counterparts
  • Regarding gaming speaker setups, the 2.0 and 2.1 are quite common
  • As for the connection, the 3.5 mm RCA audio input is the most popular one
  • However, it is not a connection option for surround sound, such as the 5.1 gaming speaker setup
  • If you want to convert stereo into the 5.1 signal, consider Dolby Digital and other similar surround mixers

Do Gaming Speakers Have Bass?

Most gaming speakers have excellent deep bass. After all, they use Dolby and DTS, among other audio processing drivers.

The drivers are also responsible for crisp music and clear dialogue. So, consider such if you want the experience such sounds.

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