Can You Connect a Guitar to a Bluetooth Speaker?


Bluetooth technology is widely used in today’s society.

People frequently pair their phones with Bluetooth headphones or speakers for various reasons.

How can Bluetooth technology link a guitar to a Bluetooth speaker?

Electric guitars and Bluetooth speakers can be connected primarily in two ways.

Connect a Bluetooth transmitter to the jack socket of the guitar.

After you have completed the appropriate steps, connect it to Bluetooth speakers.

You may also link the guitar to a laptop that acts as a Bluetooth transmitter and pair the laptop with the Bluetooth speaker.

Why Connect Your Guitar To A Bluetooth Speaker?

You might wish to pair your guitar with a Bluetooth speaker for two primary reasons.

Use the speaker rather than the amplifier.

Remove physical cables to allow for more freedom of movement while playing.

The issue with Bluetooth and a guitar is mainly latency.

The time it takes between hitting a note on the guitar and hearing it over the speaker is latency.

Playing music using Bluetooth can be annoying due to its noticeable delay.

Every note you play is heard twice: first acoustically when you press the note on your guitar and again a few milliseconds later through the speaker.

Some guitarists find this characteristic so annoying that it makes it challenging to play their instrument.

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Bluetooth works well for music listening because there is only one sound source.

Thus any delay is irrelevant.

Using Bluetooth to link to headphones or a speaker is not advisable because of the latency. The best option is a physical connection or a dedicated wireless system because they don’t have Bluetooth latency issues.

How Do I Connect My Guitar To Bluetooth Speakers?

A guitar can indeed be connected to a Bluetooth speaker. One can use two main ways:

A Bluetooth Transmitter Can Be Used To Link The Guitar To A Speaker

You will require a Bluetooth transmitter to attach to your guitar to use this technique.

A mini-jack to ¼″ adapter is also required.

The jack socket on your electric guitar should be connected to the Bluetooth transmitter.

Turn on the transmitter and your Bluetooth speaker.

The precise pairing of the two devices will depend on the specific devices. If necessary, consult the user manuals.

After pairing, turn up the guitar’s volume and start playing!

Now that your guitar is playing, the Bluetooth speaker should be playing it.

Using this setup is neat and simple.

The only two elements in this setup are the speaker and transmitter.

The sound quality won’t be excellent.

Most electric guitars are made to be played with a guitar amplifier to increase the instrument’s capacity to generate high-quality sound.

You can try to use effect pedals to enhance the sound.

You might connect your guitar to an effects pedal and the transmitter to the pedal’s output jack instead of connecting the transmitter directly to the guitar.

Pedals are useful in changing the tone.

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The next option is perhaps more appropriate if you want your guitar to mimic the sound of being played via an actual guitar amplifier.

Connecting A Guitar And A Speaker Using Another Bluetooth Device

This technique will connect a Bluetooth-enabled gadget such as a smartphone or laptop and a guitar.

They include a laptop and a phone.

For this illustration, we will utilize a laptop.

Connecting the Bluetooth speaker to this connecting device will then be possible.

With this approach, you cannot enjoy the same level of wireless freedom as before.

The reason is that a cable and an audio interface are required to connect to the intermediary device.

However, if you use an amp sim (software that simulates a guitar amplifier) on a laptop, the sound quality will be considerably better.

Numerous amp simulations that are available are free and work well. And you can still avoid needing to purchase a guitar amplifier.

For this procedure, you also need additional equipment. Buying a laptop and an audio interface can be costly if you don’t possess one.

The following are the procedures for employing a Bluetooth transmitting device to link a guitar to a Bluetooth speaker:

The Bluetooth transmitting device must be connected to your guitar.

It might be a laptop, tablet, or phone.

Both the Bluetooth transmitting device and the Bluetooth speaker should be turned on.

Connect the two gadgets.

The procedure to connect the Bluetooth is different depending on the device.

After a successful connection, you can now play the guitar.

The speaker will receive the sound wirelessly.

Are There Disadvantages To Connecting A Guitar To A Bluetooth Speaker?


When you are guitar playing and hearing the audio output through the speaker, Bluetooth connections may cause latency or delay.

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The delay may adversely affect live performances with other musicians or accompaniment recordings.


Due to interference from other wireless devices, physical obstructions, and technological gadgets, Bluetooth connections might become unstable and encounter audio dropouts.

Sound Quality

Particularly for premium acoustic or electric guitars, Bluetooth audio compression might cause a loss of sound quality.

Issues With Compatibility

All Bluetooth speakers do not support the usage of musical instruments.

In addition, some may have issues with specific frequencies or volume levels, resulting in distorted or poor sound quality.

Battery Life

A break will be needed to recharge the speaker or switch to a new speaker if the battery dies during a performance.

Limited Range

Bluetooth technology only works within 10 meters of each other.

Therefore, going beyond this range may result in the guitar’s speakers losing contact, reducing the audio quality.

In some instances, it becomes inaudible.

Control Restrictions

You may be unable to customize the tone of many Bluetooth speakers to your tastes since they lack dedicated equalizer settings for guitars.

Adapters Are Required

Some guitars may not come equipped with built-in Bluetooth.

Therefore, the connection may need to be made via additional adapters, which increases setup complexity and exposes potential weak points.


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