Does Guitartuna Work for Electric Guitar?


You must have learned quite a lot about the Guitartuna mobile application.

That doesn’t come as a surprise given the features it offers, thus allowing you to practice like a pro despite being a beginner.

Why not when you have all you need for an excellent practice, including a metronome, trainers, tunings, and chords?

Despite access to these components, you don’t even need a guitar to practice chords, thanks to its chord games.

These games are interactive enough to learn new skills and the fun leaves you wanting more.

That said and done, one can’t help but wonder whether the app will be compatible with your guitar.

For instance, does Guitartuna work for electric guitar?

Here’s some good news: Guitartuna tunes all the popular string instruments, including acoustic and electric guitars.

Learn more about this magical mobile application changing one’s guitar-playing experience.

What Are the Features of Guitartuna?

If you have no idea of what to expect when using the Guitartuna mobile application, here’s a summary of its notable features;

  • You don’t need cables to use it; hence, it is convenient.
  • It uses the built-in microphone of your device, thus allowing you to tune your musical instrument regardless of your location.
  • It is compatible with various string instruments, including acoustic and electric guitars.
  • Its auto mode is reliable, allowing you to tune your guitar string by string.
  • On the other hand, its advanced sound recognition guarantees you professional accuracy.
  • This app will listen and give you instant feedback enough to show whether you are in tune.
  • It is free
  • It is also easy to use
  • This application is available for iOS and Android smartphone users, and one can download it from App Store and Play Store, respectively.
  • Lastly, you don’t need to do much to get a perfect pitch since upon plucking your guitar string, Guitartuna will guide you accordingly for the best sound output.
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What Other Musical Instruments Can You Tune with Guitartuna?

Whereas its name often associates it with guitars, there are other musical instruments that you can tune with the mobile application.

Some of the instruments include;

  • Banjos
  • Mandolins
  • Ukeleles
  • Cavaquinho
  • Bass 4-string
  • Bass 5-string
  • Violin
  • Folk instruments

Other options include a chromatic tuner and custom tuning.

Besides regular guitar, there is also the guitar 7-string and 12-string option.

How Does Guitartuna Work?

As mentioned earlier, this application is easy to use.

You should open it on your device to begin tuning your guitar.

Upon opening Guitartuna, you will see a picture of a guitar.

This app requires you to pluck the guitar string you wish to tune.

It is as simple as pressing its corresponding alphabetic letter before holding your tablet or phone close to the physical guitar while plucking its corresponding string.

The guitar’s picture strings are well labeled with E, A, D, G, B and E; hence easy to select the appropriate string you want to tune.

As it listens to you pluck your guitar string, the app guides you on turning its tuning pegs to lower or increase the tone until it is correct.

So, expect Guitartuna to tell you that the note is too high or too low.

That should guide you on how to turn the guitar’s tuning pegs.

Remember to keep your tablet or phone close to your guitar as you pluck its strings so it can listen in as you turn the tuning pegs.

Otherwise, it will be hard for the app to tell once you get the note right.

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When you are notified that the note is correct, proceed to the next string and follow the same procedure.

The notification is usually in the form of a little tick.

Alternatively, you don’t need to press the guitar strings letters upon clicking the AUTO tap on the app’s top right corner.

On the contrary, the application will guess the guitar string you are plucking and guide you on achieving a perfect pitch.

Additional Options

You may be surprised upon clicking the Guitar option on Guitartuna, especially if you are a beginner.

After all, the consequent screen has several options, including Guitar: Standard, Guitar 6-string: Power, Guitar 6-string: Open and Guitar 6-string: Extras.

The options offer you various ways of tuning your guitar.

Beginners should stick to the standard option until they are more comfortable with other methods.

Which Guitar Tunings Are Available on Guitartuna?

Besides being fast, easy and accurate when tuning your electric guitar, this mobile application offers various guitar tunings.

Expect even the popular ones such as the half step down, drop A, drop D and standard, but to mention a few.

How Accurate is a Guitar Tuner Such as Guitartuna?

First, guitar tuners’ accuracy differs from application to application, depending on the design and features.

Guitartuna has proven to be one of the most accurate ones of its kind.

Whereas the accuracy differs, the error margin is usually too small ranging from minus to plus 3 cents hence doesn’t make much difference on most occasions.

After all, the human ear can only register a change in pitch ranging from 4 to 7 cents.

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Besides the tuner, other factors affect the accuracy.

They include the guitar you use and how you play, especially where you play on its neck.

The type of chords you play also makes a huge difference, especially if you play the standard once since they make inaccuracy hard to miss.

Remember that accuracy is important for excellent results, especially when recording with others.

You can connect your guitar to an audio interface or connect your device to an external mic to improve the app’s accuracy.

Guitartuna vs. Korg Tuner; Which One is More Accurate?

Guitartuna is the most popular mobile application of guitar tuners available.

Therefore, it is not surprising that it is more accurate than its Korg Tuner counterpart.

However, one must admit that Korg Tuner is more sensitive than Guitartuna.

It is good to compare the two and see what gives you the best results since accuracy goes beyond the app you use when tuning your guitar.


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