Do Electric Guitars Come with Cables?


As you unwrap your new electric guitar, it would be great to know what to expect especially regarding its accessories.

For instance, do electric guitars come with cables?

Besides rare occasions, electric guitars and their accessories are sold separately.

Electric guitars usually don’t come with accessorizing, including cables.

Manufacturers allow guitar players to choose accessories that match their tastes and preferences.

Equally important, the guitar makers also focus on providing other vital components that your guitar needs to function excellently.

Nevertheless, there are exceptions if you buy various guitar packages since such bundles often contain electric guitar cables.

It is also worth noting that these bundles are often designed for beginners and usually contain only basic cable.

Here’s a detailed discussion on electric guitar cables.

Are Electric Guitar Cables Important?

Don’t assume that just because most electric guitars don’t come with cables means they aren’t important.

On the contrary, they are crucial for the excellent functioning of your electric guitar.

You need that cable to connect the musical instrument to audio equipment such as the amplifier.

Its role is to carry the guitar’s signal its pickups produce to the amplifier for amplification and any other modification, such as adding sound effects.

Otherwise, the weak electrical signal won’t be strong enough for lack of enough amplification and constructive modification.

That’s why choosing your electric guitar cables wisely is vital for high-quality sound output.

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Failure to select an excellent cable leads to interference and unreliable electric signal transmission.

Which Cables Do You Need for Your Electric Guitar?

In most cases, one needs two types of cables for their electric guitars, which are as follows;

Electric Guitar Cables

Most electric guitar cables have a pair of plugs, and each measure ¼ inch.

They are meant for the instrument end and the amp, and it is okay to use them interchangeably.

Don’t avoid buying cheap electric guitar cables since they are inexpensive.

Despite the low cost, the cables perform exceptionally; hence unnecessary to break the bank by buying one.

It would be unrealistic to expect these cables to last for long, but their longevity depends on how well you care for them.

Since the care is as simple as plugging and unplugging it well, it is important always to observe that.

Remember to plug and unplug the electric guitar cables when the amp’s volume is down and turned off.

Electric Pedal Cables

Unlike electric guitar cables, electric pedal cables are optional.

Electric pedal cables are no different from electric guitar cables and their keyboard cables counterparts.

Therefore, if you are a fan of electric pedals for their sound distortion and additional music effects, consider buying two electric guitar cables.

The connection is also identical.

Remember to connect the pedal and the guitar before introducing the amp for it to work, though.

Nevertheless, connecting several electric pedals is quite complicated.

It requires an audio interface to facilitate all the connections to the amplifiers, including the pedals and other instruments.

Which is the Best Length for My Electric Guitar Cable?

There is no exact answer to this question for obvious reasons.

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You need to consider your playing situation when choosing the ideal length.

After all, stage performances may require a relatively long cable to allow you to move around freely while performing for your audience.

Nevertheless, while considering your comfort, remember not to settle for one that’s too long.

If the cable is too long, it becomes prone to interference and signal loss, which you should avoid at all costs.

How Long Do Electric Guitar Cables Last?

If you buy the right quality, an electric guitar cable can last several years.

However, the lifespan of the one connecting your guitar to its amp is relatively short.

That’s understandable given how often it is used, not forgetting the occasional twisting, coiling, uncoiling and stepping on this cable.

Ensure that you don’t yank this cable too hard since that increases its chances of getting damaged.

It may be unintentional, but the eventuality is the same hence the need to be keen and careful when yanking it.

If you need cable for live performances on stage, you can’t afford to buy a low-quality one.

It is exposed to too many dangers, unlike the one used in a studio, explaining why such lasts for a long period.

Interestingly, you can tell whether the electric guitar cable you have is a high-quality one.

If it doesn’t lose signal quality or produce a noise buzz, pat yourself on the back since you did an excellent job.

Otherwise, you should consider buying a better one or dealing with volume issues when performing with your guitar.

Do Electric Guitars Come with Strings?

If you buy an electric guitar, there are high chances, almost 100%, that it will come with strings.

The only exception is guitars set up r designed for a particular music genre.

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The rest of the guitars come with common gauge string set, and your electric guitar will most likely come with 10–46-gauge strings.

Don’t worry about playability since these strings suit most guitar-playing styles and music genres.

The strings’ balanced tone has also earned them popularity among most guitar brands.

Whereas most electric guitars come with strings, finding one with an extra set is rare.

That’s a different case if you buy a beginner guitar package since, at this juncture, you still don’t have any preference regarding the guitar strings you like.

What Do Guitars Come With?

If you buy a new guitar, there is a high chance it will come with the following items.

  • Extra strings, although in rare cases
  • Guitar
  • Hard case or gig bag
  • Picks, although in rare cases
  • Spare tension springs if you buy Floyd Rose tremolo guitars
  • String winder
  • Tools for making adjustments or repairs whenever a need arises
  • Whammy bar if you also buy Floyd Rose Tremolo guitars

What Do Guitar Packages Come With?

The items include the following;

  • Amplifier and power cords if you buy an electric guitar package==
  • Cable
  • Extra strings
  • Guitar
  • Guitar strap
  • Hard case or gig bag
  • Picks
  • Spare tension springs for Floyd Rose tremolo guitars
  • String winder
  • Tools for making adjustments or repairs
  • Whammy bar for Floyd Rose Tremolo guitars

As for guitar packages, they have more items and are relatively cheap.

Equally important, their quality isn’t great, making them suitable for beginners;

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