Does The Shape of an Electric Guitar Matter?


Today, we have so many people playing electric guitars.

Also, there are different types of electric guitars.

One of the prevalent differences between electric guitars is the shape.

This article focuses on the shape of electric guitars.

Does the shape of an electric guitar matter?

Yes! The shape of an electric guitar influences the sound and how the guitar feels on your hands. Of course, it also affects how it looks.

Generally, the shape of an electric guitar influences the tone you create, how easy it is to handle it, and your fret access.

How Does the Shape of an Electric Guitar Influence a Guitarist?

From the information above, you can tell that the shape of the electric guitar matters.

Here are a few things that the shape can influence:


Generally, when you think about it, the shape of an electric guitar shouldn’t influence the guitar’s sound.

And it doesn’t directly.

However, the shape may indirectly influence an electric guitar’s sound.

In the real sense, what influences the sound is the guitar’s size and weight.

When using heavier and thicker wood, you get better resonance.

Thus, it helps you produce more sustained notes.

So, differently-shaped guitars come with different weights and thicknesses, which can positively or negatively influence the notes you create.


The first guitar lesson usually involves learning how to hold a guitar.

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This data tells the importance of the guitar you have, especially when it comes to its shape.

The electric guitar shape influences it because it impacts your guitar feel.

Usually, the guitar shape will influence the playability of your electric guitar in different ways.

Electric body shape influences how you sit or stand with the guitar.

For example, guitars with specific curves on the bottom half of the guitar, like the Strats, make it easy for the guitar to rest on your legs.

Thus, playing when you are sitting down is a great choice.

However, for other guitars like the Flying-V, it can be a hustle to use them when sitting down.

Another influence on the feel is the fret access.

Usually, guitar shapes range between two main categories; single cutaway and double cutaway.

With a double cutaway, the higher frets are more accessible; hence a good share of guitarists prefer them.

The details above point out the advantages of understanding your playability.

With that, you can quickly determine which electric guitar shape suits you for the best results.

What Is the Best Neck Shape for an Electric Guitar?

Electric guitars are becoming more popular, with many people preferring them.

Of course, many questions continue to arise, especially on the best neck shape of an electric guitar.

After all, the content above highlights that the shape of an electric guitar matters.

Electric guitars’ most common neck shapes are the v shape, u shape, and c shape.

Typically, a newbie doesn’t have much experience and feels all guitar shapes are okay especially the neck designs.

But later, every guitarist eventually discovers that some shapes are better.

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The best shape for an electric guitar is the C shape which is common in many popular electric guitars.

A c-shape neck design is the best choice due to its versatility.

It allows a guitarist to switch between different playing styles without much hustle.

But most vintage electric guitars have the v and u shapes.

A v shape is excellent for electric guitar players who place their thumb over the fretboard’s edge.

For u-shapes, it is an excellent choice for guitarists who place their thumbs beyond the neck.

Does the Shape of a Guitar Affect the Sound?

The shape of an electric guitar affects the sound it produces.

If you think about it, that should be the case since an electric guitar doesn’t depend on the soundboard to transmit the sound compared to acoustic guitars.

So, the latter is likely to be influenced by the guitar shape.

However, electric guitars’ shape influences the sound you deliver to your audience.

It isn’t the most direct way like the acoustic guitar.

But you can expect your electric guitar tone to change or influence your playability depending on your guitar shape.

For acoustic guitar, the guitar shape plays an essential role in the guitar tone it creates.

Usually, when you strum the acoustic guitar strings, vibration is transmitted to the soundboard to produce music.

Technically, the vibrations must bounce through the guitar’s body until the sound is produced.

This theory gives you an overview of the importance of the guitar shape.

It is crucial to have a body shape that matches your playability to create unique tones.

Another thing that influences the sound is the guitar material.

How hard or easy does it take to bounce the vibrations to the soundboard to produce music?

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Does The Model of an Electric Guitar Matter?

Electric guitars are more popular since they produce clear music and unique tones without much hustle.

Unfortunately, it is a big lie that every electric guitar operates the same way.

Guitarists can confirm that different models feel differently and affect your playability differently.

In that case, does the model of an electric guitar matter?

Yes! It matters and influences the kind of music you create.

Different models feature different shapes and materials.

Hence, their impact on the tone an electric guitar produces is different.

Since electric guitar models matter, it is important to ensure that you choose the right electric guitar model for you.

Ensure that the electric guitar you pick compliments your guitar playing to deliver an amazing sound.

Do Different-Shaped Electric Guitars Sound Different?

Generally, all electric guitars should sound the same if you play them the same way.

Unfortunately, it has been proven impossible to achieve that with differently-shaped electric guitars.

The reason is that different electric guitar shapes influence the guitar’s feel and size.

People will easily play differently depending on the electric guitar’s shape.

Thus, the electric guitar model you pick will determine the sound your guitar creates.

This explanation highlights the importance of a suitable electric guitar shape matching your playability.


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