Is Guitarzoom Worth It?


Guitarzoom is one of the options at your disposal if you want to learn how to play the guitar. It doesn’t offer physical lessons but lets you learn relevant skills and tricks online.

It is no secret that there are various alternatives to Guitarzoom. Under such circumstances, is it worth choosing this particular one over the rest?

That’s a question hard to answer unless you have all the facts about the lessons. Here’s a discussion to help you weigh in on whether Guitarzoom is worth it. Check it out!

About Guitarzoom

Physical lessons are no longer necessary, even when playing the guitar. That’s thanks to platforms like Google Hangouts, Facetime, Skype, and Zoom.

Guitarzoom is an excellent example that allows interested individuals to learn to play musical instruments remotely. Although it hasn’t existed for long, it has proven to be a learning option worth considering.

Its founder is none other than Steve Stine. It is no secret that he is a renowned individual and a household name in this industry.

Regardless of the course you choose, don’t expect any other tutor. Steve Stine teaches all the videos available in this program.

The lessons are similar to those of Lissa McCormick in the Guitar Tricks Fundamentals 1. However, one must admit that Lisa is more thorough than Stine.

How Much is Guitarzoom Membership?

There are various plans when using Guitarzoom. The program you choose determines the cost, and here’s a discussion on the same;

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Basic Account

This plan won’t cost you even a penny. Its content is free, and you must sign up using your Google account or email address to access it.

You will access a reasonable beginner’s course with up to 30 lessons. The various categories include the following;

  • Audio Recording
  • Blues
  • Fundamentals
  • Gear, Tone, and Setup
  • Jams
  • Scales and Fretboard Visualization
  • Soloing Skills
  • Songwriting
  • Technique
  • Theory

Every section has videos lasting between 5 and 10 minutes. The plan gives you the familiarity you need regarding playing the guitar.

You will learn the fundamentals of playing the guitar. Some of these free lessons include the following;

  • Basic strumming
  • First chords
  • How to hold a guitar
  • Parts of a guitar
  • Tuning

Given the short duration of these lessons, you will need at most 4 hours to complete the fundamentals. Regarding the topics’ arrangement, you might notice things most likely to confuse a beginner.

An excellent example is the logic of learning strumming before the first chords. Whereas one must appreciate the impact of every lesson, don’t expect to cover the full course of playing the guitar by the time you complete its free courses.

Paid Memberships

Since you pay to access these memberships, Guitarzoom is fair enough to give you additional courses for the price you pay. It also has several membership tiers to accommodate a larger budget range.

The higher the tier, the more the courses; here’s a summary of what they offer.

  • Core Membership:Unlike the basic account, this membership offers more courses. It gives you access to more than 40 courses.
  • Plus Membership:You will find every course in the core tier in this membership. It also adds more than 400 guitar lessons.
  • Max membershipcontains the courses in the core membership and its plus counterpart. Subscribers enjoy 10 master classes and a monthly live lesson with Steve Stine.
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Interestingly, you will find all the courses displayed on a particular page. However, if your membership doesn’t give you access to a certain lesson, expect an Upgrade button alongside it.

Sometimes, listing all the available courses, regardless of the membership, can confuse you. It becomes hard to identify what you can and can’t access.

Some of the notable lessons available on Guitarzoom include the following;

  • Blues Guitar
  • Blues Soloing
  • Chords Made Easy
  • Creative Blues Soloing
  • Creative Soloing
  • Power Chord Creativity
  • Rock Licks

It is important to note that the content is similar to that of free courses. However, it revolves around a certain goal, and the organization is way better.

You can always try a free trial before paying for the membership. It ensures you only invest in one once you are convinced of its worth.

How Guitarzoom Scores in Various Aspects

You can’t afford to overlook some things when looking for excellent guitar lessons. That’s what the breakdown below shows about the Guitarzoom lessons;

  • Content Quantity – 80%
  • Education Quality – 78%
  • Pricing and value for money – 78%
  • Site Design – 82%
  • Song Section – 70%
  • Topic Coverage – 68%
  • Topical Order – 76%
  • Video Player – 84%

There are sectors where Guitarzoom is doing well, whereas others leave much to be desired. The average score is about 75%, and it is up to you to decide whether that works for you.

Is Steve Stine a Good Guitar Teacher?

It would be unfair to see that Steve Stine isn’t a great guitar tutor. What do you expect from someone with an experience of more than 30 years in the field?

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In over three decades, the guitar teacher has impacted this knowledge to millions of people. That’s a great track record which speaks volumes regarding what he offers.

His popularity and impact also go beyond borders. The guitarists he has helped have been from more than 100 countries.

Equally important, the man has been consecutively rated in the best 10 Guitar World lessons for 3 years. Those who have started Guitarzoom lessons can also attest to his greatness in teaching various guitar skills.

Guitarzoom Alternatives

When it comes to online guitar lessons, learners are spoilt with options. You should compare them to get the one most suitable for you.

Besides Guitarzoom, similar options include the following;

  • Guitar Tricks
  • JamPlay
  • Guitargate

Considering Guitarzoom, you are now well-informed enough to judge better. The above information gives you an idea of what to expect throughout the lesson.

Therefore, you can compare your expectations and reality. If the two aspects match, then Guitarzoom is worth it for you and vice versa.

Consider alternatives if you don’t think the lessons fit your needs. It is also important to consider other options, including physical guitar lessons or teaching yourself the art.

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