Why Is Squier Cheaper Than Fender?


Squier and Fender are among the most popular guitar brands.

However, the prices of these guitars differ significantly.

Several factors make their prices vary greatly.

Squiers are typically made of less expensive materials.

Second, Squiers are usually manufactured in countries with less costly labor, such as China or Indonesia.

On the other hand, Fender is made with expensive labor in American factories.

Lastly, buyers are usually willing to pay the high cost of Fender since it is a well-known brand compared to Squier.

What Is The Difference Between a Fender And a Squier?

Fender and Squier are made by the Fender Musical Instruments Corporation.

Despite their similarities, Fenders, and Squiers have fundamental differences, as listed below:

Components and Materials

Fender guitars are usually made with high-quality materials, affecting the guitar’s playability, durability, and tone.

On the other hand, Squiers are made with materials and components that are less expensive.


Fender guitars, particularly those made in America or Japan, usually undergo quality and manufacturing control.

Despite Squier instruments undergoing quality control, the attention to detail is a bit low.

Price Range

One of the clear differences between Fenders and Squier is price.

Squier guitars usually are less expensive compared to Fender guitars.

The huge difference between the two prices is affected by parts, methods, and supplies used in production.

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Model Choices

Fender guitars are made with seasoned players and collectors in mind.

Fender has various models ranging from retro issues, premium alternatives to signature artist models.

On the other hand, Squier guitars are made with beginners and thrifty players in mind.

Prestige And Branding

Fender has a rich history in the music business and has been linked to legendary musicians.

Fender’s high price is a result of its reputation and branding.

On the other hand, Squier has been advertised as an entry-level choice that is more approachable.

Playability and Sound

Even though Fender guitars offer higher sound quality and playability, Squier guitars provide a good value for their price.

Being affordable, Squier guitars have become an excellent alternative for beginners.

Can a Squier Be Better Than a Fender?

A Squier can outperform a Fender depending on the specific guitars being compared.

Remember, the quality of the guitar is influenced by the manufacturing method and the materials used, among many other factors.

In most instances, Fenders are manufactured with better-quality materials compared to Squiers.

However, there are occasional situations where certain Squiers are manufactured with high-quality materials and have a high level of construction.

These kinds of Squiers will outperform some Fenders.

For example, the Squier Classic Vibe line has been known for its superb craftsmanship.

Usually, they are built with top-notch pickups, hardware, and wood.

They have exceptional accuracy after undergoing detailed quality control.

Here are some instances that people may think of Squier as a superior brand in relation to a Fender:

Financial Limitation

If you are running on a tight budget, a higher-end Squier model will offer superior capabilities and quality within the price range compared to a lower-end Fender model.

Particular Tone or Style

Depending on the particular tone you are looking for, a certain Squier model may be more suitable for your musical style than a particular Fender model.

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Beginner Instruments

Squier guitars are popular with beginners due to their accessibility and excellent playability.

A beginner may find that a Squier is an excellent choice compared to a more costly Fender to start learning guitar playing fundamentals.


Some players take pride in customizing their guitars.

A Squier offers an excellent starting point when it comes to customizing projects before moving to more costly Fender guitars.

Backup or Travel Guitar

If you require a guitar for the purpose of touring or to act as a backup on stage, a Squier is an excellent choice.

It will help your Fender last longer since it will experience minimal wear and tear.

Experimental Projects

If you are looking for a less costly guitar to experiment with various sounds without worrying about potentially damaging the guitar, Squier is an excellent choice.

What Famous Musicians Use Squier Guitars?

Several famous legends have been known to use Squier guitars.

Some of them include:

Joe Trohman

Fall Out Boy’s guitarist has been known for playing a Squier Telecaster since the beginning of the band’s career.

He has made it clear that he adores the Squiers’ accessibility and playability.

Jack Pearson

Jack Pearson was the guitarist for The Black Keys, a blues rock band.

He played a Squier Classic Vibe Telecaster.

Jack enjoys the tone and feel of the guitar as well as the value it offers.

Mike Rutherford

Mike plays for Genesis, a progressive rock band.

Mike has been spotted playing Squier Bullet Stratocasters since 2021.

He has stated that the sound of the Squier he plays is much better compared to more costly Fenders.

John Mayall

John Mayall has been playing Squier Jazzmaster since the 1990s.

He has said that he loves the Squier’s sound as it is a superb approach to getting a vintage Fender sound without spending a fortune.

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Jeff Healey

Jeff was known for using a Squier Stratocaster throughout his career.

Squier even went the extra mile to create a custom model for Jeff.

Is A Squier a Good First Guitar?

Yes, a Squier can be an excellent first guitar for beginners.

By purchasing a Squier, you will get an affordable and good quality guitar to learn all the basics of guitar playing.

Here are a few reasons why you should consider Squier as your first guitar:


Squiers are a superb choice for guitar players who have a tight budget.


Squiers comes in a wide variety, allowing you to choose the best guitar which suits your taste.


Despite the price being low, Squiers are well made.

With the right maintenance, they may last for years because they were created with materials of appropriate quality.


Squiers are made so that it is easy for beginners to play.

You can learn all you need to know without worrying about the guitar’s mechanics since the necks are quite comfortable, and the action is also low.

How Long Do Squier Guitars Last?

Squier guitars can last many years with the proper maintenance.

The lifespan of Squier guitars varies based on the guitar’s usage, quality, and maintenance.

Some of the ways you can maintain Squier guitars include:

  • Keep the guitar in a dry and cool place.
  • Don’t expose the guitar to extremely cold or hot conditions.
  • Regular cleaning of the guitar to get rid of dust and dirt will help to prevent the guitar’s finish from deteriorating.
  • Tune the guitar regularly.
  • Replace the strings regularly.

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